Trump can drive the Fiat but not Barry

The problem I have with both the right and left is when they are so full of sh-t as if we can't compile clips like this. Guess what? If you are a spokeshole on TV or a talk radio host you can do and say ANYTHING and you aren't held accountable. Just have your justifications ready to go. That's how you become a lazy millionaire as Sean Hannity self described. 

podCASTNER- Muslim Ban is on but Dick Cheney says it's wrong

Week one of the new administration : The Muslim ban is on and ISIS prepares to use to recruit. Dick Cheney says Trump's plan is wrong for America and the world. Taxing Mexico over the wall or not, torture is good.... or not. Why did John McCain say "I don't care what the president wants?" and what warning does a top GOP Trump friend give before it's too late?

podCASTNER-Conservatives Predicting Impeachment? Already?

The first week of a new administration and already the message is lost and replaced with a petty rant about crowd size. Conservatives are sweating and that includes leaving Trump staff. A republican senator says it needs to stop now. A conservative talk show host-friend of Trump is already predicting his impeachment. As the saying goes... with friends like these!

Masked White Guys Terrorizing Native Americans-in 2016

Again.... if we attended our history classes we would know THEY were here first. Hence the name First Nation. Love that theses low life were caught on video. Hope the cops in North in North Dakota actually do something about them. 

Devils Radio

I love songs about my profession – broadcasting. Unfortunately most of them are rather negative LOL. Love Bruce Springsteen's "57 channels and nothing on" for TV and "Radio Nowhere" . This one from George Harrison is called "Devils Radio". It was from the tour he did of Japan with Eric Clapton. Just noticed at the very tail and he says "don't be a broadcaster". Too late George.

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