The McCartney Family Meat Free Monday

Paul McCartney and photographer daughter Mary and designer daughter Stella have produced this film called “one day a week”. It’s about going meat free just one day a week. On Monday. It follows in the footsteps of wife and mom Linda McCartney who was a devout vegetarian along with the rest of her family.  I tried being a vegetarian for about a year when I was in high school. I caved in finally. Living in Texas around barbecue was tough. One small aspect of the McCartney‘s experience has stayed with me for 40 years. They became vegetarians when they were about to tuck into a lamb chop. Just as they did, a lamb poked its head through the open window at their farm in Scotland.   It dawned on  them that their food had a name.  I haven’t touched lamb since I heard that story 40 years ago.