MCM: Andy and David Williams - Those voices!

When Andrew and David Williams sing together I become weak at the knees. These brothers had three albums as adults (they were also bubble gum teen stars). I had a chance to see them at an LA coffee house back in the 90’s and did my best not to drool. I asked to book them on my E! talk show and their minders at Warner Brothers records refused to book them. E! wasn’t what it is now but it was still a big deal. Dumb move on the label’s part. Andrew still produces music. David, I heard, is an architect. He came out in the 90’s in an interview with the Advocate. I’m still smiling lol. A man can dream. I wish they would still perform or drop some new music. Check ‘em out on YOUTUBE.

PS- one of my favorite songs of theirs was in the movie Grace of My Heart. Love Doesn’t Ever Fail Us