podCASTNER 4-23-17- Bye Bye Lyin' Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly served as the blueprint for the Donald Trump campaign. In every way, shape and form... under normal circumstances you wouldn't do ANY of what I will play you. But for Trump it worked. And I tell you why. We also revisit Lyin' Bill by taking you back to nonexistent parts of his past. And the hits and misses at the movies from Kevin Carr from Fat Guys At the Movies

podCASTNER 4-15-17 N. Korea's Lil Kim Says "I'll Do It Live!"

BREAKING AS WE podCASTNER'ed Lil Kim says F-ck it Trump and fires a missile anyway. I tell you where the red line is on radio and TV and this week we hit it on CNN. And I thought YOURS TRULY was lacking in history as a 21 y.o. White House reporter! SpokesBot Sean Spicer did some REALLY bad Hitler-splainin' this week. The Jewish folks and us gays were- as the Queen would say (of England not Elton John)- NOT AMUSED. As always stay to the end of a little audio treat.

New podCASTNER- What N Korea Will Do If We Strike

What North Korea/China expert Gordon Chang predicts from Kim Jung Un as we send destroyers toward the Korean peninsula will have you reaching for scotch. And I hate scotch. Emboldened by his Syria distraction, Trump gets ready for some more wag the dog. We'll also get the latest at the box office- if we don't get nuked- from Kevin Carr from Fat Guys At The Movies.

podCASTNER 4 3 17- What's in My Craw

THIS is in my craw this week: Is it too early to be talking about impeachment? Fox News blow hole Bill O'Reilly feeling the heat after a scathing NY Times expose. Mercedes Benz yanks their ads. Will more mean the end of the "no spin zone"? John McCain on doing the right thing and of course I put down the scotch and razor blades to hear the latest from Kevin Carr from Fat Guys at The Movies

new podCASTNER-FAKE over FACT is a Cancer on America

Ted Koppel's exchange with Sean Hannity got me thinking- is what Sean Hannity and other's do BAD for America? Also Alex Jones says now that he is SORRY for pushing the phony "pizzagate" scam. Is sorry enough. I have been in the middle of it all and I don't hold back. The TrumpRussia investigation may be ready to break as Trump is handed his biggest failure yet- Trump Don't Care gets crushed by congress. Kevin Carr tells us whether we really NEED a CHiPS movie and I will tell you the one thing in your bedroom that could explode and no I'm not making a sex joke. Seriousley - listen to this warning.

podCASTNER- Trump Fan Girl Nunes needs to be expelled from Congress

RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA- US officials say info suggests TRUMP officials & Russia coordinated release of Clinton emails. The FBI director confirms that the house of Trump is under investigation. I'll tell you why the House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes needs to be expelled from congress after his clumsy circus act and why SCOTUS nominee Gorsuch shouldn't be conformed. Also- I talk to North Korean expert Gordon Chang about Lil Kim Jong Un facing off with the limping Trump White House. Oh.... and what NOT to do when booking your next vacation hotel room.

New podCASTNER: Truth/Facts and the Trump Voters Betrayed.

Crazy claims are an hourly occurrence. I take veteran journalist Lynn Sherr's advice and move past the traffic accident that is the Trump White House. This week-a conservative WSJ opinion writer on the cost of seeking the truth, I will tell you why you should chill when you hear about the Trump budget/Trump "care" , we get schooled on immigration from the Irish Prime Minister and Kevin Carr from Fat Guys at the Movies schools us on Beauty and The Beast. BTW... stay to the VERY end of the podCASTNER this week... and every week.


podCASTNER From Cuba!

Que bola asere! I finally realized a lifelong dream and traveled to Cuba. These are some of the people I met and some of the experiences I had. I am not naïve when it comes to Cuban history but then again I'm not naïve about our own politics -especially now. I was delighted to run into actress Jamie Lee Curtis while I was there. We were both on our maiden Cuban voyages. And finally we now know what some of our southern neighbors think of Trump.

podCASTNER March 13, 2017

RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA- We won't be distracted but we will also talk about those who will be left without health care, the anniversary of my coming out AND da movies! Also a preview of my trip to Cuba podcast. BTW... you can also play this podcast on your microwave. It is spying on you anyway LOL

podCASTNER February 24, 2017

It's my birthday but it won't stop me from saying RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA and other assorted topics of interest to our democracy. Sorry if you think that is overdramatic but I have a birthday cake sugar high that awaits. :)GOP congressman calls for a special prosecutor for Trump/Russia, Trump becomes a snowflake over press coverage and where you pee is is once again a huge national priority (bit it's not)ANNNNNND Kevin Carr from Fat Guys at the Movies gives us the hits and misses at the box office this weekend and his Oscar predictions.

podCASTNER February 10, 2017

Jump on the moving train wreck that has become the Trump administration. We tackle the Muslim Ban Ban, Kellyanne Conway's Home Shopping Club Moment (i.e. ethics violation) and Mike Flynn and his big lie to Pence and that law he broke over RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA! And I offer Trump his own advice that I actually think can HELP him. No I haven't been drinking.... yet. And we have Kevin Carr from Fat Guys At the Movies with the hits and misses at the box office this weekend.

podCASTNER January 27 2017

Week one of the new administration : The Muslim ban is on and ISIS prepares to use to recruit. Dick Cheney says Trump's plan is wrong for America and the world. Taxing Mexico over the wall or not, torture is good.... or not. Why did John McCain say "I don't care what the president wants?" and what warning does a top GOP Trump friend give before it's too late?

podCASTNER January 24, 2917

The first week of a new administration and already the message is lost and replaced with a petty rant about crowd size. Conservatives are sweating and that includes leaving Trump staff. A republican senator says it needs to stop now. A conservative talk show host-friend of Trump is already predicting his impeachment. As the saying goes... with friends like these!

podCASTNER January 18, 2917

We are days away from the inauguration. Meanwhile in capitol hill confirmation hearings are underway and ... well listen for yourself. Also POTUS gives his last presser and reveals his advice to his successor. And I won't be watching the ceremonies on Friday... but it's not what you think.

podCASTNER December 17, 2016

I get in the Christmas spirit and send a special gift to Trump. John McCain and Peter King want to give Trump a present that will cause a twitter meltdown so bad his Alec Baldwin tweets will look like a love fest. We'll check out the movies with Kevin Carr from Fat Guys at the Movies and "has this ever happened to you"? That moment when you realize you are trying to reason with a moron. Jump in and enjoy.

podCASTNER December 9, 2016

This is a little longer than I planned but how do you cram in all of the news that is flying at us around the clock? We go after fake news. We hear what appears to be a hate crime in progress. We hear from Hillary, Tx Ag Comm. Sid "Vicious" Miller ( I added the vicious). We check out the hot movies and we find out why one of the Brady kids is in hot water. Oh, I'm glad Alice isn't here to hear this!

podCASTNER November 28, 2016

As I was talking my vacation time a few weeks ago I said of my time off I was on the "use it or lose it tour" . I now realize that we are all on that tour. We need to use our free speech or we will lose it. In that spirit... apparently my U.S. citizenship on the line...I present the Michael Castner Show.